Critical Illness

Most of us are 10 times more likely to suffer a life threatening illness and survive than our chances of dying prior to age 65 – in fact the average age of all claimants is young at age 41!

How will you pay for the unexpected costs arising from a sudden, life-threatening illness?

  • From your Retirement Savings? Taxable when withdrawn and jeopardize your retirement?
  • By Borrowing? An unlikely alternative. It’s a bad time to add the stress of more debt.
  • Use your Disability Insurance benefits? Your Disability Insurance provides you with a reduced monthly income, which may cover daily living expenses and debt payments. Could you handle extra costs at a time when your income is reduced?

The Canadian Cancer Society estimates that 67% of costs related to Cancer treatment come from indirect expenses, NOT covered by Provincial health plans.

Critical Illness insurance is an affordable effective solution:

It provides a TAX-FREE lump-sum benefit from $25,000 up to $2,000,000 when you are diagnosed with a covered condition, including Heart Attack, Stroke or Cancer and Survive 30 days.

Benefit payment is based on a specific medical diagnosis. You do NOT have to prove that you cannot work or that you have had a reduction in income in order for the benefit to be payable. The Lump-Sum payment can be used at your discretion. You could pay down your mortgage, carry-out home renovations, pay for home care, supplement your disability income or put the money away for future use.

Also housewives can apply – No Proof of Income REQUIRED!

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