"The First Wealth

is Health"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

We specialize in travel insurance coverage for certain major pre-existing conditions, such as heart, lung, diabetes, stroke, cancer in remission, etc. Our assessment is based on the safety and quality of an insurance contract and whether it offers innovative features and options to the consumer not readily available in the marketplace. Another key factor of our evaluation is the level of service provided by the insurance company. Our recommended plans include the COMPASSION CLAUSE, and an optional $10 Million rider pre or post-purchase for "unstable" conditions, which develop prior to departure (conditions apply). Unvaccinated plans are available, (without the COVID benefit).

First Rate Travel Plans

SNOWBIRDS Trip over 70 days

Travelling over 70 days? Ask for your customized quote and Save up to 30% in your second year and every year thereafter with our “Double-End” plan aka “Snowbirds’ Dream” plan. To qualify, trip must be 70 days+ and premium at least $1,000 (total). 

SNOWBIRDS Trip under 70 days

Travelling under 70 days? Select the yearly plan, which best match your typical trip duration.  Note: All plans can be extended, if needed when longer trips are planned . Select from: 2-day, 5-day, 10-day, 15-day, 20-day, 35-day, 60-day. 

Trip Cancellation Interruption

Choose to insure all or a portion of your trip costs with this versatile Trip Cancellation/Interruption.  This plan has no time cap and can be purchased anytime after booking a trip (72 hour waiting period applies).   

  No medical questionnaire

  Only 60-day stability required prior to purchase

  Policy NOT invalidated if purchased post cancellation penalties


Coverage available for up to two individuals 59 years and under and up to six dependent children. Individual(s) named in the Family & Friends plan do not have to be the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the dependent children.

• Dependent children can be on a Family & Friends plan without an adult.

• All insureds must be named in the Policy declaration and will be covered under one Policy.

• Insureds on the Family & Friends plan do not need to be travelling together.


Emergency Medical available to INBOUND students under 69 years old and  OUTBOUND students under 40 years old as well as their accompanying family members.

 $2 Million Emergency, $10,000 Air Flight/Common Carrier Benefit, $10,000 24 hr Accident Benefit

• Covers Pre-Existing Conditions stable 90 days before effective date.

 Travel worldwide during the period of coverage is valid as long as the majority of the period of coverage is spent in Canada or country of study.


Option to select up to $300,000 of coverage including up to $25,000 Accident Benefit

 Perfect for a Foreign Worker, International Student studying in Canada with valid legal status in Canada, an Immigrant awaiting provincial/territorial government health care coverage or a Canadian returning to Canada from an extended leave.

 If 59 years old and under, pre-existing conditions covered IF stable 120 days prior to effective date.  60-69 years old, pre-existing conditions covered IF stable 180 days prior to effective date. 70 years old and over pre-existing conditions covered IF stable within 365 days prior to effective date

Safety Checklist

SAFETY CHECKLIST: When shopping for travel insurance, perform a safety-check. Assess the safety of a policy’s terms and conditions based on our checklist.  Otherwise, certain policy clauses could defeat a claim leaving your own assets at risk. 

Example: Misrepresentation Clause

In the event of an inadvertent inaccuracy on the medical questionnaire, does the policy contain a Misrepresentation clause whereby the insurer may VOID the entire policy even if the misanswered question may be unrelated to the medical claim  incurred on the trip? Unless the policy includes a contractual “Compassion Clause”, move on.


NOVEMBER 29TH, 2020| 


“After several unsatisfactory, and expensive, experiences with other insurers our Travel Agent suggested FirstRate Insurance. Best advice ever! Isabelle and her staff are experts in all areas of travel insurance and have given us total satisfaction with our travel insurance needs, whether international or domestic. We have no hesitation in highly recommending FirstRate Insurance for all your travel insurance requirements.”

John and Sue Duffy, Mississauga, ON

MAY 30TH, 2020 | 


"My wife and I recently submitted a claim for trip interruption as a result of an accidental injury that my wife suffered during a trip to Mallorca, Spain, in February

2020. Despite the fact that the injury was only fully diagnosed after we returned to Canada, TuGo accepted our claim in full.  Related to the same injury, TuGo also accepted our later claim for trip cancellation for a trip to Central Europe planned for in April 2020. TuGo also accepted another trip interruption claim related to delayed/changed flights and resulting hotel accommodation en route to Mallorca. Although part of the latter claim was initially denied, it was later accepted after we provided further information and explanation.  We were more than satisfied with TuGo’s service, including acceptance of all our claims and promptness of payments."

John and Sally, Guelph

JULY 23RD, 2019 | 
“March 2019 I was on a winter hiking trip with friends near Jasper, Alberta and broke my leg. Due to attending a recent talk at the Toronto Outdoor Show about travel medical insurance advising that one organize insurance when out of province I contacted FirstRate Insurance to organize with TuGo a one week coverage. I always get insurance for out of country but hadn’t thought of within Canada. I kept TuGo informed from the beginning by using the ability to send an email as I waited in the Emergency at Jasper Hospital. As no surgery or hospitalization was required TuGo and myself continued correspondence by email and phone contact once I was back in Ontario. TuGo always responded quickly to any of my inquiries by email or phone within a few hours as did Isabelle from FirstRate. TuGo was timely and fair with the reimbursements. TuGo covered the accident in Alberta and as I had Trip Cancellation Insurance for a bicycle trip in Europe for May my husband and I were also fully covered when we sadly had to cancel our plans.  One piece of advise the TuGo representative gave me was to get absolutely everything in writing from the doctor including the need for an airplane seat with extra room as the insurance adjudicator may require that when deciding on reimbursement. I had paid for everything by credit card thus all my submissions (payments and credits) were matched to an entry on the credit card statement. TuGo’s phone representatives and mailed instructions were most thorough. I will always choose FirstRate and TuGo”.

Lillian Hall, ON


What sets us apart: At First Insurance, we not only offer personalized advice but we’re also a powerful advocate on behalf of the consumer for the Urgent Need of Improved Regulation. Please refer to our submissions to CCIR below

CCIR SUBMISSION: “The Urgent Need For Improved Regulations”

Bruce Cappon – March 17th, 2014


“It is a singular and troubling fact that most insurers neither provide nor wish to collect data on the rate of such denials. Post facto denial of claims follow a pattern: clients are refused their right to coverage as having been ineligible for insurance at the price paid; or due to inaccurate responses on the application. “

CCIR SUBMISSION: “Contract Voidability, The Urgent Need For Improved Regulations”

Bruce Cappon – March 7th, 2015

“Despite recent efforts of regulators, it must be conceded that serious problems regarding travel insurance contract voidability remain; and this is the focus of this brief to provincial regulators”

CCIR Final THI Position Paper May 2017 CCIR

May 31st, 2017



“In response to the growing concerns over public confidence in the market and the manner in which travel health insurance (THI) is manufactured and distributed, the CCIR formed a working group on THI  at its fall 2014 meeting (the “Working Group”)…with a mandate to promote harmonization in regulatory approaches…identify practices that are causing harm…”